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We provide world-class construction management services to a broad range of clients. Our people are experts in managing everything from small renovations to million-dollar programs in a variety of sectors, including residential developments, life sciences, healthcare, education, commercial/corporate office, aviation, government, retail, hospitality and more.


We have established a model to purchase, plan, develop, manage, lease and divest sustainable residential, office, institutional and governmental projects.




We offer the advantages of design-build construction to our clients. We have a proven track record of successful design-build project delivery.


Financial services:


Empire Financial Services (EFS) is a support unit that coordinates relationships with financial markets and institutions. With this, EFS manages the company’s debt, ensures that there’s adequate funding and coordinates and carries out operative financial activities. In addition, EFS manages risks that stem from Empire operations, including risks associated with interest rates, foreign exchange, credit and counterparty relationships, funding and liquidity.


Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)


Empire's Construction Management Unit brings the Owner, architect and sub-contractor into a contractual agreement outlining how they will collaborate during design and construction. They become a single entity made up of four separate parts – General Managing Contractor, owner, designer, and sub-contractors.


This method allows for the project to be collectively shared and managed among the Managing General Contractor, the owner, architect, and sub-contractors – so risk and success of the project is also shared.


The selection process puts quality above cost and allows collaboration for maximum creativity in delivering a project.

Program Management Services


Empire’s program management group - Empire Integrated Solutions (EIS) - offers an unmatched level of service. in construction and development expertise, which is essential to the management of planning, programming, financial analysis, design, construction, commissioning and closeout of a project, setting Empre apart from the competition. \




The pre-construction phase defines the project's character and is one of the most critical stages in the life of a project. To be an effective component of the overall project delivery plan, the pre-construction process must expand beyond the traditional estimating exercise. Our pre-construction teams collaborate to define the overall construction approach, schedule and purchasing methodology, all of which directly impact cost.





Our self-performance capabilities position us to deliver complex, quality projects on time and within budget. Extensive knowledge of local labor forces and our clients’ policies and procedures gives us the ability to control varying aspects of the project, including areas that are sub-contracted. Our hands-on, proven management processes and experienced superintendents guarantee successful completion of your project.


5 Borough Development:


Empire's  5 Borough Development unit provides financial backing for projects of any size.